Welcome to KoboRent

"Rent is a basic need in Nigeria. A sweltering market needing a saner solution to mitigate the hot real estate clime. And in KoboRent is one of those rare cases where the salesman finds it nigh impossible to overhype his 'cure'."

- Tim Chukwuka, Founder

"If people trust what you stand for, they will engage your services"

Akin Olawore, Member of the Board

"Something big is about to hit the real estate space in Nigeria"

Abah Joseph, co-founder/ lead developer

"The way I see it, Koborent is not a nice-to-have, it is sort of a moral responsibility. If one has the innovativeness and daring to weave a high-powered solution such as this, one should. Abraham Maslow would probably agree with me,"

Akin Odubitan, co-founder/analyst

"....have always nursed hopes of being part of a real game changer and have easily engaged anything contained within the covers of a book....KoboRent is one of those successes that will surely find its way into the pages of a book. Glad to be part of it"

Olumuyiwa Faulkner, Business Analyst

"Great idea...Superb stuff."

Funmi Ekundayo, Non-Executive, Unlisted Member of the Board (Advisory)

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