Koborent Value Proposition

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100% Trusted Content

Our unique listing's collection and verification process ensures authenticity from top to bottom.

We collect listings from our verified agents real time via our SMS enabled channels, bulk email posting (100 listings per email) and our 30 seconds online entry.

No matter an agent's level of verification. No agent is allowed to send us visuals. We only request the address and basic specification of the property available.

We have personnel armed with specialized cameras on Bikes who visit the properties immediately as they are entered into our system to collect visuals and verify other living details firsthand. This is also how our property survey is gathered.

Solid Visuals

On koborent you'll find 360 surround view pictures on each visited property. You can for the first time scan the view behind the frame for a more immersive experience. For our users who still love their good old plain stills, we've got those too.

Property Turnkey Search

Behind Koborent's search experience is ease, comfort and trust. We check all the boxes and cross the lines for you; from search and payment to moving into your new place. We even help our users with negotiations and free legal support in most cases.
We take ease of property search to another level, you can check out our Request page for our varying bouquet of requests packages.


We offer 100% trust-clad security during payment of the property of your choice, we handle the transactions on your behalf. We deal with the agents and landlords so you don't have to.

Infact, the only time you get to interface with anybody is during your physical inspection; with Uber/Taxi free rides included in our packages. To top it off, we welcome each of our customers into their new homes or offices with a special gift.

We take care of everything for you!

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